Sunday, 24 September 2017

Got any gum chum?

This is only going to be a very short blog.

My cousin is a pigeon fancier and breeder. For the past dozen years or so he has been working flat out to breed a pigeon that eats spearmint and now he has cracked it!

These pigeons will set about eating the filthy stuff that is constantly being spat out onto our pavemented areas and walkways.

He tells me that it wasn't easy or cheap to train his birds to eat chewing gum because he had to work on a reward system to encourage the birds to take to the sticky mess. During diligent research he discovered that the only thing they seemed to like BETTER than their enforced diet of spearmint was fag ends (cigarette ends, old stogies) but that has also proved something of a bonus.

Another bonus is that the pigeons have taken to only crapping on spearmint chewers and smokers, possibly to force these people to disgorge their pigeon"food".

If there are any local authorities out there who would like to learn more about this breed of pigeon, please contact me at this page.


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