Monday, 4 February 2008

Suicide Bombers?

Last Saturday The Sun newspaper

carried a "News" report describing how Osama Bin Laden's terror group were being condemned for sending two Down's Syndrome women with bombs strapped to them into the crowded market places of downtown Baghdad. Their report then went on to describe them as Suicide Bombers.

Can anyone please tell me HOW these poor unfortunates can be described as "suicide bombers" when the report goes on to say: "They were mentally disabled."

A suicidee has to have a mind of his/her own when deciding to take his/her own life. How on Earth can these poor souls - by any stretch of the imagination - be described as suicide bombers when they are, quote: "mentally disabled"?

Down's sufferers are renowned for being the most trusting, gentle and loving of humans. If anything it is WE the "NORMAL" who are mentally deficient.

The cowardly terrorist plotters' even resorted to remotely detonating the bombs using mobile phones, and thus caused mass destruction of life whilst not being at any risk themselves, doesn't this vile act alone rather point to MURDER of these unfortunate women and the other innocents rather than SUICIDE?

These two women were NOT suicide bombers, they were SHORT RANGE GUIDED HUMAN MISSILES who'd been given a few shekels and new belts to do a bit of shopping..

I despair of humanity, sometimes.

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