Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Let a stray.


We have a cat in our house it isn't ours, it shows!
She comes to eat and scratch her claws
she comes to rest and knead her paws
whenever we have open doors.
We have a cat in our house.

She's straightway up 't our stairs,

she's aware that it's taboo'cos
if she's ever found up there
she'll know it will be -


'Cos then we take and put her outside,

quick march,swiftly at the double.

It's at that point she'll realise and know that

she's in trouble.

This cat that comes to our house.

Then, she turns to make a mad dash in,

I'm determined that she aint gonna win.

The front door shuts with agreat big


but she's just sneaked back in!

That cat we have in our house.

At night she curls up on our chair

until its nine - or so - it's fair

and then out she goes

digging in her toes

after sniffing the outside air.
That cat that comes to our house.

NB. based on a poem by Maria Jane Williams (aged, not tellin')

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