Friday, 14 September 2007

Knickers to crotches.


What sort of photographer dedicates his life's work to taking snapshots of womens' crotches?

I can't pick up a paper today without seeing some bird or others' crotch-shot plastered over the pages as she makes a somewhat undignified and unlady like entry or exit from a jam-jar (car, to our colonials) somewhere. Some are even knickerless!

If I were to linger outside some nightspot or other hotspot with camera in hand in an attempt to photograph up some girls skirt, my feet wouldn't touch the floor. I'd be hauled in by the fuzz (ouch!) on an indecency charge, and I would deserve it.

Are these paparazzi (or CABARAZZI) exempt from the indecency laws?

Can I get a job with them, please? I have the necessary qualifications! I too am a dirty old man and I can soon dust off my Box-Brownie and fit a 10x zoom lens.

Please gentlemen, If these ladies can't always appear ladylike then at least have the decency to behave gentlemanly.

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