Thursday, 27 September 2007

Parallel Universe?

Parallel Universe?

I keep having this nightmare where I appear to have been side-shifted into a parallel universe, where everything is the opposite way round to how it should lie.

To a universe where immigrants set the standards which we, the native peoples, have to abide by.

Where the good guy is arrested for merely speaking harshly to the bad guy.

Where the police are powerless to act against the criminal in case they infringe upon their human rights, they sigh.

Where those locked up for their sins demand freedom to indulge in drugs, pornography and Hi-Fi.

Where a "life" sentence can mean just a few months inside.

Where child murderers and paedophiles aren't allowed to commit suicide in jail, even though this preventive measure is against the will of all decent thinking citizens and is deemed by the lags themselves as a blatant infringement of their human rights.

Where bonfire celebrations last for thirty nights.

Where one doesn't feel safe walking through a public space after lights.

Where the government feels the need to increase the price of alcohol, in order to curb binge drinking, and then relaxes the import duty on such goods purchased on web sites.

Where the working man is taxed to the hilt and then taxed/fined at every SAT NAV'D twist and turn of our pot-holed gridlocked highways.

And finally (unless some of my nightmare escapes me), it's a parallel universe where our armed forces are fighting in far off fields in order to impose our much valued domocratic will on the willing enemies of democracies.

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