Thursday, 25 October 2007

Gas abuse, not to be sniffed at.

Butane Gas Abuse.

Are parents and the authorities aware that children have ready and handy access to a means of fueling their butane sniffing addiction?

Disposable gas lighters can be freely obtained at prices as low as twenty for a pound. The abuser simply disables the striking mechanism, pokes the thing up his/her nose, presses the plunger and Voila! instant high, or low, depending on your point of view - if such views are possible with their remaining brain cells.

Walking around the public parks these innocent looking empty shells (I'm talking about the disfigured and discarded lighters here, not the abusers') can be seen dotted about the place.

Just how many lives have been wrecked up to now?

It would appear that cigarettes themselves aren't the only danger to our health that smoking represents.

And here's another valuable point regarding these disposable lighters:

Please make sure that "empty" ones are disposed of properly. Many is the time that I've picked one up to find it is in perfect working order with some fuel still in it. If I can pick up a working lighter, so can a child. It's no wonder that arson resulting in dangerous and costly fires is on the increase.

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