Monday, 8 October 2007

Smoke gets in my eyes.

The welcome smoking ban.

People still infer that it is her/his human right to smoke in public places.

Well,as a none-smoker, what about my human rights, my freedom of choice?

I packed up smoking at the age of fourteen some fifty years ago. I saw the sense in not carrying on with the filthy habit even at that tender age. Before the welcome ciggy ban I'd be sat in my local having a quiet pie and a pint, when a group would come in and occupy a table close by.

They all immediately feel the need to light up and pollute the atmosphere with that dread stench of tobacco smoke.

Where were my human rights?

Where was my freedom of choice?

I'll tell you where it was. It was going up in smoke!

Smoking in public places was/is as much a filthy habit as picking one's nose in public or playing trouser billiards. Where is freedom of choice if I have to enter my home smelling like an over used ashtray and thus impregnate the rest of my wardrobe with the smell of old dog ends and filthy ashtrays? It made me wonder why I bothered packing it in all those years ago.

I'd much rather my clothes smell of cherry blossom, thank you.


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